Russian Declension and Conjugation: A Structural Description with Exercises

Maurice I. Levin
x + 159

An important and widely-used text on the structure of Russian, of use to teachers, graduate students, and advanced undergraduate language students.

I. Structural Transcription
II. Noun Stress
III. Noun Declension;
IV. Adjective Declension
V. Pronominal Adjective Declension
VI. Conjugation
VII. Verbal Adjectives and Verbal Adverbs
VIII. Imperfective Derivation
IX. Irregularities; index
list of exercises

"Levin presents his subject well, writing simply and clearly yet without condescension. ... It should become a standard textbook in the field." (SEEJ)

"Levin is to be congratulated for the orderliness of his presentation, the clarity of his explanations and especially for the exercises and questions for thought and discussion. ... Levin presents theory and enough detail to create a very fine textbook." (MLJ)