Parameters of Slavic Morphosyntax

Steven Franks
Paperback & Hardcover

From the Oxford University Press Slavica had the opportunity to buy up the limited remaining stock of this fundamental work on formal Slavic syntax when the original publisher, Oxford University Press, decided to declare it out of print. We are delighted to offer it at a lower than half of its original price in both hardcover and paperback. Focusing on issues of case theory and comparative grammar, this study treats selected problems in the syntax of the Slavic languages from the perspective of Government-Binding theory. Franks seeks to develop parametric solutions to related constructions among the various Slavic languages. A model of case based loosely on Jakobson's feature system is adapted to a variety of comparative problems in Slavic, including across-the-board constructions, quantification, secondary predication, null subject phenomena, and voice. Solutions considered make use of recent approaches to phrase structure, including the VP-internal subject hypothesis and the DP hypothesis. The book will serve admirably as an introduction to GB theory for Slavic linguists as well as to the range of problems posed by Slavic for general syntacticians. Preface vii 1. Introduction 3 2. Matrices, Indices, and Morphosyntactic Features 16 3. Across-the-Board Dependencies 61 4. Quantified Structures: Russian versus Serbo-Croatian 93 5. Quantified Structures: Polish and Other Puzzles 130 6. Secondary Predication 220 7. Null Subject Phenomena 287 8. Voice Alternations 333 9. Summary and Conclusions 374 References 379 Name Index 395 Subject Index 399