Negation in Slavic

Sue Brown and Adam Przepiorkowski
ca. 280

Negation in Slavic joins the ranks of recent studies on negation in its attempt to deepen our understanding of negation phenomena, and is unique in its breadth and diversity of approach. What began as the proceedings of the Workshop on the Syntax and Semantics of Negation held during the 32nd Annual Poznan' Linguistics Meeting developed into a refereed volume of invited contributions from scholars all over the world. The editors extended invitations to contribute beyond those scholars who had participated in the workshop, and all papers were subject to thorough review by at least two anonymous referees. Consequently, only the strongest contributions found their way into this volume. These articles by Leonard Babby, Maria Babyonyshev, Sue Brown, Uwe Junghanns, Anna Kupść Asya Pereltsvaig, Ljiljana Progovac, and Jacek Witkos', address negative concord, negative polarity, and genitive of negation, in addition to exploring scope-related phenomena and the morphology of negation.

Sue Brown Negation in Slavic    

iii Leonard H. Babby

The Genitive of Negation and Unaccusativity     1

Maria Babyonyshev

The Extended Projection Principle and the Genitive of Negation Construction     31

Sue Brown

Negative Concord in Russian and Attract-all-F     71

Uwe Junghanns

Scope Conflicts Involving Sentential Negation in Czech     105

Ann Kupść

The Morphosyntax of Polish verbal Negation: towards and HPSC Account     135

Asya Pereltsvaig

Negative Polarity Items in Russian and the "Bagel Problem"     153

Ljiljana Progovac

Negative and Positive Feature Checking and the Distribution of Polarity Items     179

Jacek Witkoś

Clause Union and Non-Local Genitive of Negation     219

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