Morphosyntax in Slavic

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Morphosyntax in Slavic was the first of three major collections of articles on Slavic morphosyntax which helped define the research agendas of Slavic linguists during the period when syntactic theory was becoming more highly constrained and therefore more complex than it had been during the first two decades of Chomskyan theory. Even today they are splendid examples of linguistic argumentation and valid generalizations. Richard D. Brecht served as co-editor of all three collections, while both Leonard H. Babby and Alan Timberlake had articles in all three books, so together these scholars constitute a connecting thread running through the three volumes (the second and third of which are Issues in Russian Morphosyntax and Case in Slavic.)

Slavica would like to express its sincere thanks to Catherine Chvany and Richard Brecht for graciously granting permission for this reprint. 

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