Language in the Former Yugoslav Lands

Edited by Celia Hawkesworth and Ranko Bugarski


Prelude by Ranko Bugarski: Overview of the linguistic aspects of the disintegration of former Yugoslavia Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Milorad Radovanovic: From Serbo-Croatian to Serbian: external and internal language developments
Ljubomir Popovic: From standard Serbian through Serbo-Croatian to standard Serbian
Dubravka Valic Nedeljkovic: Education and mass media in the languages of ethnic communities in Vojvodina
Robert Greenberg: From Serbo-Croatian to Montenegrin? Politics of language in Montenegro Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina:
Dubravko Skiljan: From Serbo-Croatian to Croatian: Croatian linguistic identity
Damir Kalogjera: Serbo-Croatian into Croatian: fragment of a chronicle
Dunja Jutronic: Standard Croatian and Croatian dialects today: the Cakavian lexicon in Split
Josip Baotic: The language situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina Slovenia, Macedonia, Kosovo:
Svein Monnesland: Is there a Bosnian language?
Albina Necak Luk: Language policy and language planning issues in Slovenia
Olga Miseska Tomic: Standard Macedonian and its current relationship to the Macedonian dialects
Victor A. Friedman: Language planning and status in the Republic of Macedonia and in Kosovo Serbo-Croatian (Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian) Abroad:
Paul-Louis Thomas: Serbo-Croatian and its successors in France
Gerhard Neweklowsky: Serbo-Croatian and its successors in Austria
Sven Gustavsson: Serbo-Croatian and its successors in the Nordic countries
Wayles Browne: Serbo-Croatian and its successors in the United States
Celia Hawkesworth: Serbo-Croatian and its successors in British universities Language Abuse and Yugoslav Disintegration:
Ivo Zanic: Hate speech in Croatia: historical and political context and current vicious circle
Ivan Colovic: Priests of language: the nation, poetry and the cult of language
Ranko Bugarski: Envoi: towards peace discourse