The Language and Verse of Russia: In Honor of Dean S. Worth on his Sixty-Fifth Birthday

Edited by Henrik Birnbaum and Michael S. Flier

Yale Russian and East European Publications

P. Adamec

Semanticheskaia interpretatsiia "znachimykh nulei" v russkikh predlozheniiakh

H. Anderson

Consonant Reduction in Russian

Ju. D. Apresjan

Traktovka izbytochnykh aspektualnykh paradigm v tolkovom slovare

B. Aroutunova

Proverbs of the Absurd

The Quest for Truth in Russian Proverbs and Phraseological Expressions

H. Birnbaum

Toward an Unprejudiced Assessment of the Igor' Tale

P. Brang

Einige Bemerkungen zu Archipelag GULAG als "Opyt khudozhestvennogo issledovaniia"

C. V. Chvany

The Paradigm as Partitioned Grammatical Space

J. Dingley

Imti in the Laurentian Redaction of the Primary Chronicle

T. Eekman

Vladimir Nabokov's Poetry

M. S. Flier

Nedelja a la Rus'

P. Garde

Les toumures comitatives en russe

M. L. Gasparov

Sintaksis pushkinskogo shestistopnogo iamba

A. G. F. van Holk

On the Thematic Structure of Pushkin's The Gypsies

G. Huettl-Folter

Gerundial Constructions in A. Kantemir's "Razgovory o mnozhestve mirov"

L. Iordanskaja and I. Mel'cuk

*Glaza Mashi golubye vs. Glaza u Mashi golubye

Choosing between Two Russian Constructions in the Domain of Body Parts

H. Keipert

Das Problem der Motion in den altesten Grammatiken des Russischen

E. Klenin

Hearts in Pushkin

J. F. Levin

On "Doing" Russian Aspect

H. G. Lunt

How Close is Russian to Old Church Slavonic?

R. Picchio

On the Scriptural Semantic Framing of The Tale of Sorrow-Misfortune

A. M. Schenker

Russian chush' "nonsense"