James Daniel Armstrong In Memoriam

Charles E. Gribble et al. (eds.)



Foreword     7

Edna Andrews

Markedness Theory: An Explication of its Theoretical Basis and Applicability in Semantic Analysis     9

Ronald F. Feldstein

On the Evolution of Jer + Liquid Diphthongs in Polish and West Slavic     25

Robert Fradkin

The Semantic Structure of the Tenses in Literary Arabic     42

Helena Goscilo

His Master's Voice: Pushkin Chez Bulgakov     54

Louise B. Hammer

On the Phonological Nature of Slovak Diphthongs     67

Ante Kadiü

Life and Works of Miroslav Krlezha (1893-1981)     75

Steinar E. Kottum

Nominative vs. Instrumental Predicate in Polish     90

Joel Levenberg

Indicating Possession in Serbo-Croatian     96

Maurice I. Levin

Stress Variation in Russian Verbal Morphology     103

David Lowe

The Sources for the Opera in War and Peace     112

Ronald Meyer

Andrej Bitov's "Bednyi Vsadnik"     121

Paul M. Mitchell

Deformation and Structure in Belyj's Peterburg     138

Marilyn Nelson

Structure and Exegesis in "Jaroslav Founded the Great City" from the Primary Chronicle     143

Lawrence D. Orton

The Czechs and Their Fellow Slavs in 1848     155

Catherine Rudin

Bulgarian Relativization Strategies     164

Rodney B. Sangster

Autopoiesis and Language: A Chapter in the Development of Phenomenological Structuralism     175

Charles E. Townsend

Verb Classes in Colloquial Standard Czech     190

C. H. van Schooneveld and Stephen Soudakoff

Lexical Transitivity Versus Compositional Transitivity in Russian     202