The Formation of the Slavonic Literary Languages, Proceedings of a Conference Held in Memory of Robert Auty and Anne Pennington at Oxford 6-11 July 1981

Edited by Gerald Stone and Dean S. Worth

UCLA Slavic Studies Volume 11




Preface     7

J. J. Hamm

 Inaugural Address: Oxonium Docet     9


General and Comparitive

Vladimr Barnet

Toward a Sociolinguistic Interpretation of the Origins of the Slavonic Literary Languages     13

Henrik Birnbaum

The Slavonic Language Community as a Genetic and Typological Class     21

Peter Kiraly

The Role of the Buda University Press in the Development of Orthography and Literary Languages     29

Rado L. Lencek

On Sociolinguistic Determinants in the Evolution of Slavic Literary Languages     39 W. F. Ryan

Astronomy in Church Slavonic

Linguistic Aspects of Cultural Transmission     53

West Slavonic

Helmut Fasske

The Historical, Economic and Political Bases of the Formation and Development of the Sorbian Literary Languages     61

Jozef Mistrik

The Modernization of Contemporary Slovak     71

Eugen Pauliny

The Effect of Magyarization on the Fortunes of Literary and Cultivated Slovak     77

Alexander Schenker

Czech Lexical Borrowings in Polish Re-examined     85

Gerald Stone

Language Planning and the Lower Sorbian Literary Language     99

Stanislaw Urbanczyk

The Origins of the Polish Literary Language     105

South Slavonic

Aleksandar Albijanic

The Demise of Serbian Church Slavic and the Advent of the Slaveno-Serbski Literary Dialect     115

Pet''r Dinekov

Aspects of the History of the Bulgarian Literary Language in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries     125

L. Hadrovics

The Status of the Croatian Regional Languages immediately before Gaj's Reforms     133

Peter Herrity

France Presheren and the Slovene Literary Language     147

Henry Leeming

Emil Koryto (1813-1839), Slavophile and Slavenophile     161

Francis Wenceslas Maresh

A Basic Reform of the Orthography at the Early Period of Croatian-Glagolitic Church Slavonic     177

Peter Rehder

The Concept of the Norm and the Literary Language among the Glagoljashi     183 Joze Toporisic

Kopitar as Defender of the Independence of the Slovene Language     193

East Slavonic

Gerta Huettl-Folter

The Lexical Heritage from the Old Russian Chronicles and the Formation of Literary Russian     207

H. Keipert

Old and New Problems of the Russian Literary Language (Arguments for a New Kind of Russian Linguistic History)     215

Arnold McMillin

The Development of the Byelorussian Literary Lexicon in the Nineteenth Century     225

Dean S. Worth

Vernacular and Slavonic in Kievan Rus'     233


Marianna D. Birnbaum

Innovative Archaism: a Facet in the Poetic Language of Endre Ady.     243

References     253



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