Bulgarian Dialects: Living Speech in the Digital Age

Ronelle Alexander and Vladimir Zhobov
Bulgarian Dialects: Living Speech in the Digital Age
xiv + 238 pp

This book describes the genesis and structure of the project Bulgarian Dialectology as Living Tradition, a searchable and interactive database of field recordings of Bulgarian dialects covering all major dialect types, with innovative analyses including features never discussed before. The depth and breadth of the site, now available on the internet at bulgariandialectology.org, make it an invaluable resource to teachers and scholars.

The bulk of the book presents concrete evidence of the website’s value as a research tool, in the form of two detailed contributions to linguistic scholarship, each the individual work of one of the authors. Vladimir Zhobov discusses aspects of Bulgarian dialectal vocalism, and Ronelle Alexander examines accentual patterns in Bulgarian dialects. Each of these two research reports not only presents valuable new results, but also shows how the organization and presentation of material on the website made it possible to develop the innovative methods by which these results are achieved.