Aspects of the Slavic Language Question; Volume I: Church Slavonic -- South Slavic -- West Slavic

Edited by Riccardo Picchio and Harvey Goldblatt
Cloth (Volume II)

The essays collected in these two volumes deal with various aspects of the controversies surrounding the use and codification of literary languages from the medieval period to the present. Volume I, Contents: Riccardo Picchio: Guidelines for a Comparative Study of the Language Question Among the Slavs; Robert Mathiesen: The Church Slavonic Language Question: An Overview (IX-XX Centuries); Harvey Goldblatt: The Church Slavonic Language Question in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries: Constantine Kostenecki's Skazanie izjavljenno o pismenex; Micaela S. Iovine: The "Illyrian Language" and the Language Question Among the Southern Slavs in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries; Giuseppe Dell'Agata: The Bulgarian Language Question From the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Century; Ivo Banac: Main Trends in the Croat Language Question; Radoslav Katicic: The Making of Standard Serbo-Croat; Rado L. Lencek: The Modern Slovene Language Question: An Essay in Sociolinguistic Interpretation; Frantishek Svejkovsky: The Conception of the "Vernacular" in Czech Literature and Culture of the Fifteenth Century; Maria Renata Mayenowa: Aspects of the Language Question in Poland from the Middle of the Fifteenth Century to the Third Decade of the Nineteenth Century; List of Works Cited; Index of Names. Volume II, Contents: Omeljan Pritsak: A Historical Perspective on the Ukrainian Language Question; Bohdan Strumins'kyj: The Language Question in the Ukrainian Lands Before the Nineteenth Century; Paul R. Magocsi: The Language Question in Nineteenth-Century Galicia; Paul R. Magocsi: The Language Question Among the Subcarpathian Rusyns; Vladimir V. Kolesov: Traces of the Medieval Russian Language Question in the Russian Azbukovniki; Renate Lachmann: Aspects of the Russian Language Question in the Seventeenth Century; Christopher D. Buck: The Russian Language Question in the Imperial Academy of Sciences; Boris A. Uspenskij: The Language Program of N. M. Karamzin and Its Historical Antecedents; Boris M. Gasparov: The Language Situation and the Linguistic Polemic in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Russia; List of Works Cited; Index of Names. "The two volumes are of interest not only to linguists, but also to cultural historians." (Orientalia Christiana Periodica) "...these volumes are an important contribution to our understanding of the history of the controversies which attended the development of the Slavic literary languages. As such, they will be of interest to students of Slavic literatures and linguistics alike." (Language) "These two volumes are a remarkable contribution to the history of the Slavonic literary languages." (SEER)