American Contributions to the 9th International Congress of Slavists (Kiev 1983) Vol. 1: Linguistics

Edited by Michael S. Flier


Preface     7

Ronelle Alexander

Directions of Morphophonemic Change in Balkan Slavic: The Accentuation of the Present Tense     9

Robert Channon

A Comparative Sketch of Certain Anaphoric Processes in Russian and English     51

Catherine V. Chvany

On `Definiteness' in Bulgarian, English and Russian     71

James Ferrell

Names with Stems ending in zhl-ch in Old Russian     93

Michael S. Flier

The Alternation l-v in East Slavic     99

Frank Y. Gladney

Did Slavic Develop Declension Classes?     119

Zbigniew Golab

The Ethnogenesis of the Slavs in the Light of Linguistics     131

Marvin Kantor

The Second Old Slavonic Legend of St. Wenceslas: Problems of Translation and Dating     147

Emily Klenin

The Genitive-Accusative as a Slavonicism in the Laurentian Manuscript of 1377: The Problem of Text Segmentation     161

Henry Kuchera

A Semantic Model of Verbal Aspect     171

Rado L. Lencek

From Language Interference to the Influence of Area in Dialect-Geography     185

Robert Mathiesen

The Typology of Cyrillic Manuscripts (East Slavic vs. South Slavic Old Testament Manuscripts)     193

Kenneth E. Naylor

On Expressing "Definiteness" in the Slavic Languages and English     203

Johanna Nichols and Joe Schallert

The Pragmatics of Raising in Old Russian and Common Slavic     221

David F. Robinson

On Loanwords between Baltic and Slavic     247

A. Schenker

Glavnye puti leksicheskikh zaimstvovanii v slavianskikh iazykakh (na materiale cheshskogo, pol'skogo i vostochnoslavianskikh iazykov X-XVI vv.)     255

William R. Schmalstieg

Morphological Considerations on the Balto-Slavic Problem     269

Edward Stankiewicz

The Collective and Counted Plurals of the Slavic Nouns     277

Alan Timberlake

Compensatory Lengthening in Slavic, 2: Phonetic Reconstruction     293

C. N. Van Schooneveld

Contribution to the Systematic Comparison of Morphological and Lexical Semantic Structures in the Slavic Languages     321

Dean S. Worth

The "Second South Slavic Influence" in the History of the Russian Literary Language     349

Ol'ga Yokoyama

V zashchitu zapretnyx deeprichastii     373