American Contributions to the 14th International Congress of Slavists, Ohrid, September 2008, Vol. 1: Linguistics

Christina Y. Bethin (ed.)

Contents Ronelle Alexander

Rhythmic Structure Constituents and Clitic Placement in Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian     1

Christina Y. Bethin

On Quantity Dissimilation in East Slavic     21

Daniel E. Collins

Purging Greek in the Legend of Salonica: A Medieval Slavic Myth of Language     39

Andrii Danylenko

The New Ukrainian Standard Language of 1798: Tradition vs. Innovation     59

Katarzyna Dziwirek

A Folk Classification of Polish Emotions: Evidence from a Corpus-Based Study     75

Masako U. Fidler

Between Grammar and Onomatopoeia: Sound-Symbolic Schemata in Czech     95

Grace E. Fielder

The Status of Discourse Markers as Balkanisms in South Slavic     111

Victor A. Friedman

Balkan Slavic Dialectology and Balkan Linguistics: Periphery as Center     131

Frank Y. Gladney

On Prefixed Nouns in Late Common Slavic     149

Lenore A. Grenoble

Syntax Meets Discourse: Subordination in Slavic     161

Laura A. Janda

Semantic Motivations for Aspectual Clusters of Russian Verbs     181

George Mitrevski

On the Classification of Macedonian Proverbs in an Electronic Database     197

Alan Timberlake

The Grammar of Oral Narrative in the Povest´ vremennykh let     211

C. M. Vakareliyska

A Typology of Slavic Menology Traditions     227

Curt Woolhiser

Convergent and Divergent Innovation in the Belarusian Dialects of the Bialystok and Hrodna Regions: A Sociolinguistic Border Impact Study     245