American Contributions to the 10th International Congress of Slavists, (Sofia, 1988), Linguistics

Edited by Alexander M. Schenker


Ronelle Alexander

The Accentuation of Neuter Nouns in Balkan Slavic     7

Masha Belyavski-Frank

Changes in Markedness of Verbal Categories in Two South Slavic Languages     35

Henrik Birnbaum

The Genealogical and Typological Classification of Old Church Slavonic     45

Catherine V. Chvany

Distance, Deixis and Discreteness in Bulgarian and English Verb Morphology     69

Michael S. Flier

Morphophonemic Consequences of the Development of Tense Jers in East Slavic     91

David A. Frick

Petro Mohyla's Revised Version of Meletij Smotric'kyj's Ruthenian Homilary Gospel     107

Victor A. Friedman

The Category of Evidentiality in the Balkans and the Caucasus     121

Gerbert Gal'ton

Pochemu otkrylis' praslavianskie slogi?     141

Frank Y. Gladney

On Verbal Thematization in Late Common Slavic     153

Zbigniew Golab

The Heritage of PIE Unmotivated Nouns in Slavic     169

Charles E. Gribble

On Clitics in Old Bulgarian and Old Russian     191

Rado L. Lencek

On the System of Isoglosses in the Western South Slavic Dialects     199

Gerald L. Mayer

Article Use in Generic Be-Sentences in Bulgarian and English     243

Kenneth E. Naylor

The Relationship of Gender and Declension in the Slavic Substantive     257

Olga Nedeljkovic

Iazykovye urovni i kharakternye cherty diglossii v srednevekovnykh tekstakh pravoslavnykh slavian     265

Gilbert C. Rappaport

On the Relationship between Prosodic and Syntactic Properties of Pronouns in the Slavic Languages     301

David F. Robinson

The Slavic Versions of the Liturgy of St. Peter     329

Joseph Schallert

Fixed and Mobile Stress in the Balkan Slavic Verb: Synchrony     335

Alexander M. Schenker

Slavic Reflexive and Indo-European Middle: A Typological Study     363

Edward Stankiewicz

The Nominal Accentuation of Common Slavic and Lithuanian     385

C. H. van Schooneveld

The Semantics of Russian Pronominal Structure     401

Bronislava Volek

Semantic Properties of Noun Diminutives (Based on Czech and Russian Data)     415

Dean S. Worth, Julie Thomas Hu, Karen E. Robblee

Synchrony and Diachrony in the Structure of the Russian Funeral Lament.     423


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