American Contributions to the 13th International Congress of Slavists: Volume 1 Linguistics (Ljubljana, 2003).

Robert A. Maguire and Alan Timberlake (eds.)


CHRISTINA Y. BETHIN: Prosodic Effects in Czech Morphology     9

STEPHEN M. DICKEY AND JULIE HUTCHESON: Delimitative Verbs in Russian, Czech and Slavic     23

EVA ECKERT: Life of a Language in Emigration: Taking the National Revival a Step Further, from the Czech Lands to Texas     37

MASAKO U. FIDLER: A Pragmatic Feature of [Nonserious] and Power in Czech     51

MICHAEL S. FLIER: Innovation in the East Slavic Non-Past: The Case of Belarusian First-Person Plural idom     65

MARJAM FRIED: Dimensions of Syntactic Change: Evidence from the Long -nt- Participle in Old Czech Texts     79

VICTOR A. FRIEDMAN: 'One' as an Indefinite Marker in Balkan and Non-Balkan Slavic     93

FRANK Y. GLADNEY: Prefixes and Verbal Diathesis in Late Common Slavic     113

LENORE A. GRENOBLE: The Prosodic Organization of Russian Conversation     125

JULES F. LEVIN: The North Slavic-Lithuanian Contact Area: Mutual Influence and Resistance     139

GILBERT C. RAPPAPORT: The Grammatical Role of Animacy in a Formal Model of Slavic Morphologic     149

SAVELY SENDEROVICH: Methodological Reflections on the Problem of the Beginning of Historiography in Rus     167

GARY H. TOOPS: Pushkin in Sorbian: A Contrastive Look at Aspect Use in Literary Upper Sorbian and Russian     181

CYNTHIA M. VAKARELIYSKA: Multiple Language and Cultural Self-Identities of the German-Speaking Lutheran Minorities in 'Russian Poland' (Mazowsze and Suvalkija) in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries.     195