The Tragedy of Central Europe

Stephen Borsody
xvii + 274

Yale Russian and East European Publications

How national rivalry led to dictatorship and the division of Europe.


Introduction: From the Habsburgs to the Soviet Russians

Part One: The Tragedy of Nationalism:

1. The Lost Peace

2. Federalist Failures

3. The Nazi Challenge

4. Czechs and Hungarians

5. Appeasement of Hitler

6. Munich: Hopes and Lessons

7. From Munich to Moscow

Part Two: The Triumph of Tyranny:

8. German Hegemony

9. Federalist Interlude

10. Partition of Europe

11. Churchill's Bargain

12. Yalta: Hopes and Lessons

13. Stalin's Triumph

14. From Potsdam to Prague

15. Benesh and the Russians

Part Three: The Aftermath -- Eastern Europe since 1948

Epilogue One: The Unfinished Struggle for Independence

Epilogue Two: Cold War Becomes Dïtente



"Never has the reviewer read a more objective account of events that have occurred in Central Europe over the past sixty years..." (Polish Review)