Indiana Slavic Studies Volume 14: The Other in Polish Theatre and Drama

Kathleen Cioffi and Bill Johnston (eds.)
(ISSN) 0073-6929


From the Series Editor     i

Frontispiece    ii

Bill Johnston

Preface     1

Kathleen Cioffi

Introduction     3

Timothy Wiles

Mrożek's Plays and the Everyday Absurd in Cold War Poland: The Satirical Short Plays and Tango     15

Halina Stephen

Discovering America in Contemporary Polish Drama     41

Beth Holmgren

The Polish Actress Unbound: Tales of Modrzejewska/Modjeska     57

Elwira Grossman

From (Re)creating Mythology to (Re)claiming Female Voices: Amelia Hertz and Anna Świrszczyńska as Playwrights     79

Halina Filipowicz

Gender in Polish Drama, or, What's a Good Polish Woman like Queen Wanda Doing in Plays like These?     93

Regina Grol

Sławomir Mroźek's The Reverends, or, Is It Better to Be a Jew or a Woman?     127

Jeffrey Veidlinger

From Boston to Mississippi on the Warsaw Yiddish Stage     141

Kathleen Cioffi

Provisorium, Kompania, and their Rots in the "Other" Polish Theatre     165

Allen Kuharski

The Virtual Theatre of Witold Gombrowicz     183