Seeing Muscovy Anew: Politics—Institutions—Culture

edited by Michael S. Flier, Valerie Kivelson, Erika Monahan, and Daniel Rowland
viii + 416


Seeing Muscovy Anew: Politics—Institutions—Culture: Essays in Honor of Nancy Shields Kollmann brings together nineteen thought-provoking essays from an international group of specialists in medieval and early modern Russian and Ukrainian studies to honor the inspiring scholarship of Nancy Shields Kollmann. The contributions are grouped into thematic categories that reflect Kollmann’s wide-ranging interests: 1) the politics of rule, 2) conflicted belief, 3) testimony of the visual, 4) institutions outside the box, and 5) empire and outer spaces. This collection will be an invaluable resource for scholars concerned with the dynamics of Muscovite politics and culture broadly construed.  


Contributors include: Sergei Bogatyrev, Charles J. Halperin, Valerie A. Kivelson, Russell E. Martin, David Goldfrank, Donald Ostrowski, Michael S. Flier, Daniel Rowlad, Gary Marker, Isolde Thyrêt, Janet Martin, Paul Bushkovitch, Eve Levin, Alexander Kamenskii, Brian J. Boeck, Erika Monahan, Georg B. Michels, Serhii Plokhy, Martina Winkler