Russia's Century of Revolutions: Parties, People, Places. Studies Presented in Honor of Alexander Rabinowitch

Edite by Michael S. Melancon and Donald J. Raleigh

Alexander Rabinowitch is a towering figure among historians of the Russian Revolution and its aftermath. Distinguished by an unrivaled mastery of published and archival materials, a compelling narrative style and demythologizing interpretations, his books are the essential account of events that truly changed the world. During his remarkable career, Rabinowitch has also trained and mentored many graduate students who themselves became important scholars. A select group of them has produced Russia’s Century of Revolutions in his honor. The title reflects the range of Rabinowitch’s influence, and the contents, pathbreaking essays in their own right, are written in his independent spirit. The result is a volume for everyone seriously interested in modern Russian history and thus for every library.” Stephen F. Cohen Professor Emeritus of Russian Studies at Princeton University and New York University and author, most recently, of Soviet Fates and Lost Alternatives. “Alexander Rabinowitch made his reputation as a scholar from his meticulous empirical research into the actions of the Bolsheviks in Petrograd in 1917, producing carefully nuanced studies that rewrote the historiography of their coming to power. This volume secures his reputation as a mentor, an inspiration behind generations of budding historians who learned from his methodology and profited from his generosity, as he directed Russian and Soviet history in innovative directions. A fitting tribute to a remarkable career.” Louise McReynolds University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Class of Rabinowitch, 1977)