Realism in Polish Politics: Warsaw Positivism and National Survival in Nineteenth Century Poland

Stanislaus A. Blejwas
xii + 312

Yale Russian and East European Publications When Poland lost its statehood at the beginning of the nineteenth century, there were two responses to the dilemma of how the nation was to survive: armed insurrection and "organic work," the proponents of which opposed revolution in favor of expanded economic growth and social evolution. This book focuses on the "organic work" approach and its nature. Contents: I. Alternatives to Independence: 1795-1848; II. The Theory, Practice, and Politics of Organic Work Before 1864; III. The Aftermath of the January Revolution; IV. the Genesis of Warsaw Positivism: 1864-1870; V. Warsaw Positivism; VI. Positivism in Practice; VII. The Politics of Realism; VIII. The Challenge of Socialism; IX. Positivism in Decline. "...this fine work... Polish historiography in the English language has been enriched by Blejwas' contribution..." (CSP)