Nations and Nationalisms in East-Central Europe, 1806-1948: A Memorial to Peter F. Sugar

Sabrina P. Ramet, James R. Felak and Herbert J. Ellison, eds.

Nationalism has been a driving force in the still unfinished era of nation-building in East Central Europe. Conventionally traced to the late Enlightenment and the French Revolution, the rise of nationalism colored nineteenth-century understandings of democracy and provided fuel for aspirations to political independence. This volume brings together scholars from eight countries and focuses on nation-building and nationalism in East-Central Europe in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and is organized around the following themes: understandings of nation, understandings of nationalism, changes in nationalism, typologies of nationalism, the urban-rural cleavage, and the role played by intellectuals and other activists in the development of national movements.



Sabrina P. Ramet

Controversies Concerning Nation and Nationalism: An Introduction


Linda Frey and Marsha Frey

The French Revolution and Internationalism: The Road Not Taken in Eastern Europe


George F. Jewsbury

Russia's Unintended Role in the Maintenance of Romanian Nationality in Bessarabia/Moldova


Paul Robert Magocsi

Galicia: A European Land


Hugh LeCaine Agnew

Dilemmas of Liberal Nationalism: Czechs and Germans in Bohemia and the Revolution of 1848


Jan Havranek

Nebeneinander zweier Prager Universitþten, 1882-1918


Peter Mentzel

Karl Renner's Ideas on Personal Autonomy: The Personalprinzip and the Millet System


Dusan Kovac

The Slovak Political Agenda in the 19th and Early 20th Century: From L'udovit Stur to Czech-Slovak Statehood


Zsuzsa L. Nagy

Liberal Nationalism and the Nation-State: The Case of a Hungarian Political Writer, Gusztav Beksics


Horst Haselsteiner

Hungary-Pannonian Switzerland? Mihailo Polit-Desanaic's Perceptions on a Solution to the Nationalities Question in Hungary


Sabrina P. Ramet

Ante Staraevic: Liberal Champion of a "Citizen's State"


Maria Todorova

The Absence of Nationalism in Serbian Politics before 1840 Gale Stokes Creating a National Hero: Vassil Levski in Bulgarian Public Memory


Gerasimos Augustinos

Configuring the Ethnic Nation: Macedonia in Greek Cultural Politics from the Balkan Wars to the Cold War


James Ramon Felak

The Slovak Question in Czechoslovak Politics, 1945-1948


Peter Mentzel

Peter Sugar's Contribution to East-Central European Studies: An Assessment.