National Character and National Ideology in Interwar Eastern Europe

Edited by Ivo Banac and Katherine Verdery

Yale Russian and East European Publications


Katherine Verdery


Jerzy Jedlicki

Polish Concepts of Native Culture

Andrzej Chojnowski

Polish National Character, the Sanacja Camp, and the National Democracy

Andrew Lass

"What are we like?" National Character and the Aesthetics of Distinction in Interwar Czechoslovakia

Tamas Hofer

The "Hungarian Soul" and the "Historic Layers of National Heritage": Conceptualizations of Hungarian Folk Culture, 1880-1944

Zsigmond Pal Pach

Business Mentality and the Hungarian National Character

Katherine Verdery

National Ideology and National Character in Interwar Romania

Keith Hitchins

Orthodoxism: Polemics over Ethnicity and Religion in Interwar Romania

Marian Papahagi

The "National Essence" in Interwar Romanian Literary Life; Ivo Banac: Zarathustra in Red Croatia: Milan Shufflay and his Theory of Nationhood

Alexander Kiossev

The Debate about the Problematic Bulgarian: A View on the Pluralism of the National Ideologies in Bulgaria in the Interwar Period

Andrew Rossos

Macedonianism and Macedonian Nationalism on the Left