Indiana Slavic Studies Volume 16: Books, Bibliographies, Pugs: A Festschrift to Honor Murlin Croucher

Gregory Ference and Bradley Schaffner (eds.)

Books, Bibliographies, and Pugs offers a selection of new research in Library and Information Science, with special emphasis on the Russian and East European area, but also extending as far as Turkey and the Pacific Rim. The volume is presented with warm affection by its contributors to honor Murlin Croucher upon the occasion of his retirement. Murlin Croucher began his career in 1971 at the University of North Carolina, where he served first as Slavic Cataloger and later as Slavic Bibliographer. In 1980 he came to Indiana University as Slavic Bibliographer, where he oversaw continued growth in the strong Slavic collection until his retirement in 2005, as well as strengthening the Central Asian and Tibetan holdings. He was a leading figure in East-West book exchanges, not a simple affair during the Cold War. Above all, Murlin Croucher left an enduring stamp on numerous practitioners in the field through his teaching in the School of Library and Information Sciences and through his publications, most notably the seminal Slavic Studies: A Guide to Bibliographies, Encyclopedias, and Handbooks, now in its second edition. The fruits of his impact on his field may be gauged tellingly from the articles included in this volume.



From the Series Editor     i

Frontispiece     ii

Tabula Gratulatoria     1

Preface     7

Murlin Lee Croucher     9

1. Michael Biggins

Post-1989 Publishing on Previously Suppressed Topics: Trends in Czech Contemporary History, With Reference to Poland     13

2. Jacqueline Byrd

Cataloging Production Standards for Non-Western Languages: From a Project to Permanent Standards     31

3. John K. Cox

What's Behind the Veil? The Ottoman Fiction of Ismail Kadare     47

4. Gregory C. Ference

The Slavic Diaspora Library: The Slovak-American Example     73

5. Jon Giullen

Where Library Meets Vendor: A Comparison of Six Vendors of Russian Books     87

6. Jared Ingersoll

"Romanov University": Libraries, Books, and Learning in Imperial Russian Prisons     1137. Tim Larson

Józef Grucz (1890-1954); An Appreciation     131

8. Daniel M. Pennel

The Power and Peril of Ideas Continuity and Change in Romaniann Publishing     145

9. Patricia Polansky

Pacific Rim Librarianship: Collectors of Russian Materials on the Far East     159

10. Bradley L. Schaffner

V.F. Odoevskii and I.V. Got'e: Scholar-Librarians in Service to the State     181

Notes on the Contributors     193