After the Fall: Essays in Russian and Soviet Historiography: Kritika Historical Studes 2

Edited by Michael David-Fox, Peter Holquist, and Marshall Poe

Almost 15 years have passed since what is still known in Russia as "the collapse of communism." This second volume of essays by prominent scholars examines the effect of the "archival revolution" and the post-Soviet methodological flux on various subfields of Russian and Soviet history from a variety of viewpoints-Russian, American, and European. In addition to the traditional chronological subdivisions (including Muscovite history, the October Revolution, and Stalinism), After the Fall explores Russian history from less-studied angles such as economic history, work on the 19th- and 20th-century Orthodox Church, history of science, and cultural history. The debate over explanations for communism's end, for "the collapse" itself, is also addressed here. Most of the essays have been updated and revised since their original publication in Kritika, and together they offer a sound overview of the state of Russian history-writing suitable for both undergraduate and graduate coursework. CONTENTS Editor's Introduction: A Remarkable Decade Revisited 1. Convergence, Expansion, and Experimentation: Current Trends in Muscovite History-Writing NANCY SHIELDS KOLLMANN 2. The Ambiguities of the 18th Century GARY MARKER 3. Recent Developments in Economic History, 1700-1940 THOMAS C. OWEN 4. Recent Scholarship on Russian Orthodoxy: A Critique GREGORY L. FREEZE 5. Social History as the History of Measuring Populations: A Post-1987 Renewal ALAIN BLUM 6. Scholarly Passions around the Myth of "Great October" V.P. BULDAKOV 7. A Great Leap Forward: New Research on the Soviet 1930s GÁBOR T. RITTERSPORN 8. Stalinism and the Stalin Period after the "Archival Revolution" OLEG KHLEVNIUK 9. The Birth, Withering, and Rebirth of Russian History of Science LOREN R. GRAHAM 10. A Decade Half-Full: Post-Cold War Studies in Russian and Soviet Military History BRUCE W. MENNING 11. Culture, Culture Everywhere: Interpretations of Modern Russia across the 1991 Divide LAURA ENGELSTEIN 12. Interpretations of the End of the Soviet Union: Three Paradigms DAVID ROWLEY Beyond Post-Soviet? History, Archives, Covergence Information on Contributors