V zeleni drzeli zeleni breg: Studies in Honor of Marc L. Greenberg

Steven M. Dickey and Mark R. Lauersdorf (eds.)
xii + 410
This volume of essays honors Marc L. Greenberg for his distinguished contributions to research in the field of Slavic linguistics, as well as for his efforts in support of foreign languages in American higher education, most notably as a professor and administrator at the University of Kansas over the course of his career. The title of this volume, V zeleni drželi zeleni breg, takes advantage of the “calquability” of Marc’s surname, Greenberg, into Slavic and captures his affection for the Prekmurje dialect of Slovene as well as his interest in historical Slavic linguistics.    The articles collected here reflect his broad interests in synchronic and diachronic Slovene linguistics, Balkan linguistics, and Slavic historical linguistics and sociolinguistics, and the contributors span the range of leading researchers in these subfields:  


David J. Birnbaum & Hanne Martine Eckhoff

Krzysztof E. Borowski

Stephen M. Dickey

Masako U. Fidler

Victor A. Friedman & Brian D. Joseph

Robert D. Greenberg

Laura A. Janda

Marko Jesenšek

Ani Kokobobo

Keith Langston

Mark Richard Lauersdorf

Gabriela Múcsková

Renee Perelmuter

Catherine Rudin

Nada Šabec

Joseph Schallert

Marko Snoj

Cynthia Vakareliyska