Studia Caroliensia

Charles Townsend, Earnest Scatton, and Robert Rothstein

Studia Caroliensia offers a selection of new research in Slavic linguistics and folklore in honor of Professor Charles E. Gribble. Gribble has touched the lives of literally thousands of students, professional colleagues, and lovers of Slavic languages and cultures, both directly through his own teaching, research, and publications, and indirectly through his labors as head of Slavica Publishers. Now Professor of Slavic Languages at The Ohio State University, he has retained the same dedication and enthusiasm for all areas of Slavic philology through forty-five years of teaching, scholarship, and leadership in the Slavic field. The essays collected in this volume offer a sampling of the range of scholarly themes on which Charles Gribble has worked over the years. Contributors include fellow students who studied together with him at Harvard, former students whose own contributions to the field have been shaped by his teaching, authors of books published by Slavica, and professional colleagues from around the world whose research has been influenced by his work.