Labyrinth of Nationalism, Complexities of Diplomacy: Essays in Honor of Charles and Barbara Jelavich

Edited by Richard Frucht


Introduction     9

Paul E. and Jean T. Michelson

Charles and Barbara Jelavich: A Bibliographical Appreciation     13

Chronological Bibliography     55

Catherine Albrecht

National Economy or Economic Nationalism in the Bohemian Crownlands 1848-1914     69

Thomas Pesek

Karel Havlicek in Czech Historiography and the Czech Intellectual Tradition     84

Peter Wozniak

Habsburg Educational Reform, National Consciousness, and the Roots of Loyalism: West-Galicia During the Period of Neo-Absolutism     104

Thomas Sakmyster

Miklos Horthy and the Jews of Hungary     121

Edward D. Wynot, Jr.

The Camp of National Unity: A Polish Experiment in "State Nationalism," 1936-1939     143

William Oldson

Tradition and Rite in Transylvania: Historic Tensions Between East and West     161

James Ermatinger

Ceaucescu's Nationalism: Ancient Dacian Translated into Modern Romanian      180

Yeshayahu A. Jelinek

On the Condition of Women in Wartime Slovakia and Croatia     190

Lawrence J. Flockerzie

The Eastern Question and the European States System: Linkage From a Small Power Perspective     214

Gerasimos Augustinos

Europeans, Ottoman Reformers, and the REAYA: A Question of Historical Focus     234

Robert A. Berry

The Hotel Lambert and French Foreign Policy in the Balkans 1840-1848     249

Richard Frucht

The Romanian Dilemma: Russia and the Double Election of Cuza     275

Frederick Kellogg

A Perilous Liaison: Russo-Romanian Relations in 1877     290

Glenn E. Torrey

The Ending of Hostilities on the Romanian Front: The Armistice Negotiations at Focani, December 7-9, 1917     318

Teddy J. Uldricks

Evolving Soviet Views of the Nazi-Soviet Pact     331

Gale Stokes

Lessons of the East European Revolutions of 1989     361

List of Contributors     375

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